UFO Hunters Plan Database To Monitor Sightings

UFO sightings planned by the Navy

An investigative organization of UFO hunters has started the production of a global UFO database. This database will allow people from all over the world to report their supposed UFO encounters.

In this day and age of videos, cameras, and apps, can these tools hinder or assist the weirdness factor of UFOs? Do we really need such a database? Will people really use it? 

MUFON’s plan to create a new database is designed to progress the group’s citizen-action sighting efforts. Their mission is to strengthen the scientific study of unidentified flying objects for humanity’s benefit, said MUFON executive director Jan Harzan. 

He said that addressing this scientific quest needs a systematic study of the behavior and nature of the physical universe, depending on measurement, observation, and experiment. As per Harzan, to do real science, a person needs to store and collect observations. Measurements should be taken from a specific field of study. 

In 2006, the organization created a database system, including almost 70,000 alleged UFO sightings. All were submitted by the public and then investigated by MUFON-certified professionals. Every month, MUFON gets 500 to 1,000 UFO reports from all around the world.  These reports come from several credible sources, including doctors, former intelligence officers, lawyers, military personnel, and airline pilots. There are also tons of detailed observations including videos and photographs. 

All of these pieces of information are stored in MUFON’s database. They are used for scientific analysis, and also made available to the public. 

Harzan told Space.com that all data must be kept in one place. The explosion of video cameras, online media reports, as well as those collected by the organization before 2006, should be kept in a single place. This is the reason why there is a need to create an international UFO database. A database that is easy to search, easy to use, and easy to access, so details can be correlated, depending on all types of parameters. There is a wide range of UFO reports, including videos, photographs, newspaper articles, and magazine article accounts. 

With the help of that database, researchers can combine them, and draw deeper correlations. This step can lead to huge breakthroughs.

Digital airplane

According to Larry Lemke, a National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena member and retired aerospace engineer, UFO reports represent a massive puzzle that warrants huge attention.

MUFON’s Harzan is firm in his view that tracking and unraveling the UFO saga can offer benefits to humanity. For him, the biggest benefit of understanding extraterrestrial life lies in the way we look at ourselves as humans. We can further understand our place among God’s creations. 

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