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Ultimate Guide to NFT Alien

Browsing and searching through the NFT mints calendar is a norm for NFT investors like you to track new NFT projects on the marketplace. This allows you to buy and sell NFT projects and also get updated information about upcoming NFT drops or events.

However, there is another way than relying on the NFT mints calendar to increase your profits from NFT investment – Alien If you’re both an NFT investor and a gamer, this might interest you. So, scroll down to this article to find out more.

What is Alien

Well, Alien is a game where you play the role of a space explorer, aka miner for free! You will be equipped with three mining tools and can choose a planet to explore and mine Trillium (TLM) on. 

Okay, before you start typing it on your search bar, you must create a WAX wallet first. WAX is the world’s current leading decentralized video games and entertainment network focused on NFT. You can make one by linking your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. But you can also make a brand new WAX account all by itself. Then, you have to link your WAX wallet to your Alien Worlds account and you will be ready to start mining!

How to play Alien

If you are familiar with role-playing games (RPG), it will only take you a few minutes to understand the game. But, if this is your first time, don’t worry! Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a planet

To choose the perfect planet, you can check out the amount of TLM that can be mined there.

  1. Pick your tools

If you get the game’s launch pack, you will be provided with more tools than if you don’t – you’ll only get a shovel. You can see the statistics of each one of these tools that show how much TLM you can mine at a time. You can also use three tools at the same time.

  1. It’s mine time!

Now that everything is prepared, you are ready to go mining! Just click the Mine button to begin.

WAIT – there’s more!

Okay, before you start choosing a Land to mine, ponder these first:

  • Commission rate

Since this will be your first time playing this game, you are highly likely don’t have a Land of your own. So, you will have to mine someone else’s land and you will have to pay the landowner a fragment of your TLM. 

  • Charge time

Consider the waiting time for you before you can start mining again. If you are patient, you can go to the Lands with volcanoes as you will get a better chance of mining a lot of TLM. 

But, ask yourself first, are you really that patient?

  • Yield multiplier

Since your ultimate goal is getting NFTs, then you should consider this factor as it will tell you the probability to receive an NFT from a mining quest.

How do NFTs work in Alien

When you are mining, the game will give you a special item from time to time, which are tools, minions, weapons and might be an avatar. These special items are NFTs and they are more difficult to acquire than TLM. As mentioned earlier, you will get TLM every time you are mining, however, the chance to get an NFT is based on the combination of your tool’s luck and the land you are mining on. 

Each of these NFTs will come in six different types: Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. Also, they have different levels of shininess: Stone, Gold, Stardust and Antimatter. If you want to upgrade your NFTs, just choose any four similar ones from your inventory and combine them together. 

Now, let’s look at the types of NFTs in this game:

  • Land – refers to different planet’s land areas. You can purchase Land of your own by buying the game’s Land packs or searching for Land NFTs on the marketplace. You also have the option to rent land. There are plenty of types of Lands – tree forest, geothermal springs, icy desert, dunes, mountains, rocky coastline, rocky crater, active volcano, dormant volcano and plains.
  • Tools – to help you mine Lands. They come in a range of strengths, the stronger your tools are, the higher your chances to get more TLM or NFTs.
  • Minions – if you join combat with another player, Minions will help you to win the fight! However, if your minions are on the losing side of the fight, they will lose their health and need to be sent to the Federation Hospital to recover.
  • Weapons to be equipped by your minions in fights. Like weapons in any game, they have an attack and defense class. Furthermore, if your weapons get ruined during fights, you have to send them to the Weapon Repair Shop or they won’t be useful to you anymore. 
  • Avatars – they are a variety of avatars – Nordics, Robotrons, Little Green People, Greys and Reptiloids. But, to keep in mind, Avatars won’t exactly help you in the game, you just will look cooler than the other default avatar users.

If you feel like Mining is too much work to get NFTs, there are Alien Worlds NFTs that are sold freely and exist on the blockchain. You will have access to the Atomic Hub Marketplace to trade NFTs with other investors and this is another practical way to earn money by playing this game.

Final Thought

Alien is primarily a mining game that will help you gain passive income from investing in NFTs. As it is a multiplayer game, you will get to join the community and share each other’s knowledge about NFTs. 

Furthermore, you can also be involved in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of the game and become a council member and run in the weekly elections. It’s like you’re working together with the company to create a better game. Isn’t that cool? You get to be involved in the process!

All this information may overwhelm you, but Alien can really help you to understand blockchain games especially if you’re a beginner. So, what are you waiting for? Go sign up now!