What Are The Lives Of Our Space Brothers Possibly Be Like

What Are The Lives Of Our Space Brothers Possibly Be Like

Despite concrete evidences provided by credible individuals, for instance, Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat, credible experts of the field (historians, scientists, and suchlike) concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza, many people are left unconvinced and remained in stance on the prevalent theory whereby it was built by the Aliens. Suppose they were the authentic builders behind this one in seven wonders of the ancient world, how massive are their physiques precisely to be able to shift things around that are seemingly heavy in weight to complete a construction that is this tremendous?

What Are The Lives Of Our Space Brothers Possibly Be Like

For those who are petrified about the presumption claiming aliens as immensely humongous entities, you definitely should be; reason being the “most intelligent of aliens out there will likely weigh 650 pounds” cosmologist Fergus Simpson once stressed. Picking us up then tossing us around like a throwball match is  the bare minimum of what they are capable of doing, who knows what is their genuine intention? Abducting us and putting us in an undercover laboratory then perform necessary tests which allow them to obtain profound insights about their human counterparts. These are some of the approaches they might consider attempting if they aspired to colonize the planet earth sometime soon. 

Unless your house is built with metal roofers, never underestimate the consequences if the sky ever rained polar bears. 


Sources Revealed Whereby The Alien World Is Even Diverse Than We Think 

When it comes to our Mars inhabitant counterparts (or Jupiter or Saturn or suchlike), we immediately link them to the Little Green Men image as we are conditioned to perceive Aliens in that structure since adolescents; from cartoons to films, educational to promotional materials, they are hardly presented in other distinct forms while the entertainment industry today has made significant ameliorations to diversify. A zoologist once explained how aliens might have taken slight resemblance from earth animals including us human beings. Therefore, if you have non-symmetrical hybrids built with the head of a bird, limbs of a human, and the tail of a reptile breaking off your roofs in the middle of the night, fret not, kindly send my regards to our space brothers. Otherwise, consider a metal roof installation today. 


“Sounds Of Howling Planets And Whistling Helium That Is Sure To Make Your Skin Crawl”- NASA

We all wonder how our alien counterparts sound when they communicate to one another whether there is a verbal language, frequencies, signs or body postures in which they utilize amidst their daily endeavors. Chances of them conversing via a verbal language is rather slim as they have their own distinctive means which human beings are unable to comprehend; one highly evident method in accordance to NASA would be energy transferring inclusive of radio waves which generates certain noises throughout the entire process. Then, the integration of these noises becomes “a symphony of sound” consisting of waves at frequencies where human beings are incapable of hearing, unless you are gifted. Long story short, aliens exchange information via a combination of numerous radio signals that can only be interpreted amongst themselves or through profound scientific procedures.


How Do The Extraterrestrials Practice Their Diet?

How Do The Extraterrestrials Practice Their Diet?

Do aliens actually hold strong fondness over fries and hamburgers or chicken nuggets with ranch from McDonald’s like the majority of us? Well, not so. Instead of our typical human food, their meal consumption is pretty much similar to that of the animals on our planet earth. The fact in which there appears to be diverse breeds of aliens as elaborated beforehand, food chains would not be so uncommon consisting of a predator and its prey(s) provided plants do exist in outer space allowing them to consume a plant-based diet. Suppose they are far from being a plant eater, do they prey on their human counterparts? Presuming they do, start with some fundamental precautions today and look into metal roofing malaysia before these predators decide to have our roofs broken apart to have their meals fixed. You may want to consult a metal roof expert in case this ever transpires. 


Mysterious UFO Sighting – Interesting Or Spooky?

Drawing back to 1997, thousands of curious individuals reported whereby a number of mysterious lights were seen amidst the night sky in three different regions being Arizona and Nevada in the United States together with Sonora in Mexico. These lights were observed by witnesses in which they were either in stationary form or moving together in a peculiar V-shape formation. Having lights shining in the sky is not an uncommon phenomenon but when they gather thus forming such a specific shape is what makes this event unexplainable till the present day. What could a V shape possibly denote and bring significant impact to planet earth inhabitants in such an hour of the day? We demand an enlightenment.