Chemical Testing in Space

What Is Astrochemistry?

There are a lot of amazing things that have been discovered in space by the scientist. It includes planets, galaxies, or even creatures in space. But it was only 4% part of the space only that has been discovered.  It is because the 4% part of space is the only visible part that scientists can see from Earth. However, scientists are still working on their efforts to discover the other part of the space that has not been explored yet. Other than discoveries like planets, galaxies or creatures in space, they also were working on the research of the chemical in space. It was called astrochemistry. If you are interested in looking for a chemical product, make sure to check the chemical supplier in Malaysia to get it.

So, what exactly is astrochemistry? Astrochemistry is a study that researches the compositions of atoms, ions and molecules in space and also the reactions between them. This study also can collect the information or any new discoveries about spectroscopic whether from ground, space-based observation labs, or even from air to know how the environment of the space will be. Astrochemistry covers the regulation of chemistry, science about planetary, physics, computer-related science, astronomy and chemical biology. The people who was in charged to do research about astrochemistry is called astrochemist, has to do a few experiments and some studies about computational laboratory to gather the data that can explains the observations about astronomy, to produce data for models, and also to test the theories about the reactions of any small or large molecules in different astrophysical environments. 

What do they use to gather the information from space?

What do they use to gather the information from space?

The astrochemistry has used many different tools or devices to help them gather any important data and information that is related to astrochemistry such as telescopes, space vehicles, satellites, and even computers. They use the telescope to see how the space looks from Earth and to see what are things that are in outer space. That’s how they discovered the existence of planets, stars and even galaxies. Other than that, they use satellites to gather the data from outer space and to get a better view than they get from Earth. It’s like a bird-eye view that scientists can see better and can discover more information about space. Not only that, they also used the computer to visualize the data that they get and process it to get much better explanations and answers to the theories. They also use it to understand better about the physical or the principles of the chemicals in the space and also to study about extraterrestrial anatomy and the process of the chemical that have made them into their present form.

In the past years, scientists have had to spend a long night exploring astronomy on the remote hilltop with telescope facilities. That’s why the discoveries about space are not much and they just get the information or data from what they can see from Earth and with the telescope. But now, things have changed and many advanced tools have been used to help scientists to discover more about space. The data analysis that used to take much time to analyze is now much easier and faster because of the Internet connection that they use to do the data collections and to operate many telescopes around the world in one place only.


How does astrochemistry benefit us?

Astrochemistry has brought many advantages to scientists in many ways. It helps scientists to know what kind of chemicals are in space and also they get to know if humans can survive in outer space. As we all know that in space there is no oxygen or air at all because space is a huge vacuum. That’s why astronauts have to wear a spacesuit that carries oxygen tanks for them to be able to breath and work in outer space. Besides that, scientists also get to know how the chemicals in the space works and what kind of reaction that it made if the chemicals interacted with other substances. Also, the scientists can get to know if the chemicals can be used on Earth or not.

In conclusion, astrochemistry is one of the important studies in astronomy as it benefits us to get the information on how the chemicals work in space or the properties of the chemicals. It also can help to know more about space and to discover new chemical or unknown substances that have not been discovered yet.