What Would An Alien’s Life Be Like On Earth

It’s a possibility that you have, at least once, wondered what it would be like for aliens to live among us. It is not definitive whether they exist or not however, it has been in many theories that they might exist. They such a mystery, like what would they look or talk like and how they would live in our society. It would be bizarre at first but maybe we will end up living in harmony with them. Or probably get into a war, if they were to take over the earth. But what would it be like if we were to live in harmony anyway, in case we someday have to?

First things first, depending on which country they would live in, of course, they would have to create an identification. Like how everyone has an ID, they would have to have one as well. Or how else would they be able to identify themselves in any situation that required it? Maybe in situations where they would want to buy a house, a car even. They would need their IDs. 

Next is income. Aliens would either have a higher IQ or a lower IQ than us and that means, we would have to find a way to educate them or let them adapt to our society. The aliens would need money, though. To get money, we could let them have jobs, maybe at an accounting company Malaysia to learn more about accounting services in Malaysia. And thus, they will receive an income good enough to get a car, home and afford an education. Or if our government is nice enough, they could lend these aliens a sum of money, like a loan, so they could get their life started. Afterwards, when they’ve earned an income, they could pay the loan back bit by bit. This way, they’ll have more opportunities at the initial stage of living here. 

Other than that, what about what they would have to eat? I believe that the earth has more than enough resources. However, with another species living alongside us, it might get a little hard. Especially since we do not know what they can eat and can’t eat. However, it is possible to compromise about that, in the end, it would not be a problem in the long run. 

Besides food and income that an alien could get from working with professional accounting services in Malaysia, assuming they would be living among us for quite some time, they would also need a means of transportation. However, this would not be a problem nowadays since there are already so many different ways to get around, not only by car but also by train, taxi, or public transportations. In Malaysia and some other countries, we also have apps where you can rent cars and bicycles too. Which is better so that we do not significantly increase the number of cars on the road on a daily basis. 

How would we communicate, though? Assuming they speak an entirely different language, we would have to learn each other’s languages to be able to include their language in our society. Maybe after learning their language, we could produce not just books about their language, but also audiobooks online so it will be easier to access and learn. It will take a lot of time and patience at first but hopefully, it works out and is beneficial for everyone in the long run.

The big question is whether or not they will be accepted in our society. Racism and discrimination are still well alive in our society. We’re talking about an entirely different species here. So imagine what it would be like since most of our society still discriminates against certain races. That is already because of skin colour and stereotypes, so imagine a different species, trying to live among us. I believe that that would be the biggest challenge of trying to share our planet with a new species. 

Thus, this is sort of a very blurry image of what it would be like for aliens to live among us. Whether or not we will live in harmony or our society will fall apart is completely not definitive. Even whether they exist or not is still a mystery that will remain unsolved for now.