Why Alien Life Forms Could Be Living Among Us Already

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Extraterrestrial beings have always been a curious case. The world of outer-space beings and their interactions. It has long been speculated that alien life forms were among us since the time of dawn. If you’re a fan of the unearthly and other-worldly, you probably have your suspicions about the common sightings scattered globally and the string of evidence, the files released by the governments or leaked by conspirators. The possibility of living among other worldly beings fascinates them. The thought that your neighbour may be daunting, but it could be the reality we live in. Several witnesses step forward each year, believing that they have had some contact with whom they suspect to be beings from another planet. More and more sightings are captured and shared on social media of strange unidentified flying objects (UFO), strange lights, and odd phenomena that are without explanation.

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Recently, popstar Demi Lovato shared an account of contacting alien life forms and communicating with them. They believe that in reality, these creatures do not seek to harm anyone, but instead come in peace. Many share her sentiments. However, there are a number who also feel threatened by the ominous presence of the unknown and thus heed warning. Without the ability to appropriately accommodate communication, how could we know what their intentions are?

The Storming Of Area 51

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The infamous Area 51 was subject to meme culture in 2019 when youths threatened to storm the area in a bid to find out what Area 51 keeps hidden from the world. As most people are aware, Area 51 was a secret base located in Nevada, USA. This base is guarded by the army and top-ranking officials of the USA. There have long been suspicions of what Area 51 is guarding because of the complex equipment and the heavy security that keeps the public away. Why is there so much secrecy surrounding this particular region, and why is there extensive communique? One prominent theory is that this is a base where alien life forms are being kept, studied and interacted with. The massive transmission systems act as a communication system to get in touch with life forms from other planets that find their way to earth.

Area 51’s need to be secluded and elusive obviously fails to quell the curiosity of people and 2019 was evidence that communities are willing to infiltrate government facilities, not only for the thrill of it, but for the answers withheld from them.

Frequencies Picked Up On Devices

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Some of the most interesting interactions include technological devices. This is no surprise as evidence suggests that as we advance in our communication and IT we grow closer to communicating with superior beings that live outside our atmosphere. Therefore in some cases, individuals proclaim that their interactions with alien forces occurred through their phones, their radios and their satellites.

Alien chasers claimed that because cloud servers are a vast network spread over supermarkets, businesses and various entities. The age of digitization has us careening toward the most bizarre worlds as time proceeds. Enthusiasts attempt to communicate back with their various technologies. The POS cashier system Malaysia has the ability to pick up frequencies and connectivity activity through crossed wires. Our reliance on the virtual makes us susceptible to signals that come in and interfere with the original channels.

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In 2020, alien chasers claimed to have picked up strange frequencies from possible extraterrestrial beings through radio frequencies. And in the year 2019 in Australia an ethereal sound found its way to Australian radio waves from a satellite pointedly set toward a star called Proxima Centauri. The elements picked up were decidedly strange and suspiciously foreign– out of this world foreign.

The Sighting At Ariel School

POS cashier system MalaysiaIn the year 1994 an odd sighting was reported at Ariel primary School in Zimbabwe. Up to sixty children reported seeing flying saucer-shaped objects, with odd looking figures from the transportation device. Asked to draw what they had seen, the children drew detailed images with all showing similar depictions of the strange occurrence. The story made local and international news, with journalists from all over the globe and aliens [hunters/ specialists/ conspiracy theorists] making their way to southern Africa for exclusive details about the vision that the school children witnessed.

There is no doubt that what they saw was real. The elements of their drawings all showed the same spherical-shaped device with the odd caricatures within them. While many still abstain from the notion that the sighting was real, many believe the children who bore witness to the event.

Often open to discussing the ET sighting, the children (who are not children anymore) still stay true to their word. The same odd contraption was sighted in many parts of Zimbabwe and Zambia, and thus grew the suspicions that we are most likely not alone in this universe or this world we call Earth.