Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings Near Nuclear Facilities?



Why are there so many unidentified flying objects being seen and reported near nuclear facilities? Why isn’t there urgency on the government’s part to evaluate the potential national-security threat? These are the questions being asked by a whole team of high-ranking former United States intelligence and defense officials, as well as academics, Aerospace-industry veterans, and other people associated with To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. These people have been investigating a vast range of UFO sightings, and they are advocating serious actions from the government. 

All of their investigations are the primary subject of “Unidentified,” a limited series by HISTORY.

All throughout history, UAPs, or unexplained aerial phenomena have frightened, fascinated and shocked sky watchers. In the previous century, few incidents have been officially reported in military contexts. At the latter part of the second world war, American airmen called these flying objects “foo fighters,” the weird orange flying lights at the French-German border. Meanwhile, during the Korean War, some of the soldiers claimed that they saw a green-blue light-emitting pulsing ray. According to them, it made the entire battalion sick, and the illness resembled radiation poisoning. 

Here are lesser-known facts. In the last 75 years, several high-ranking United States intelligence and military personnel have reported UAPs near nuclear power, technology, and weaponry sites, from active nuclear naval fleet test sites to atomic bomb development facilities. 

According to George Knapp, an investigative journalist, all nuclear sites, from Los Alamos and Savannah River to Livermore and Sandia, had dramatic aircraft appearances. They just flew over the area, and nobody knew where they came from, and why they were there. 

nuclear weapon

George Knapp studied UAP-nuclear connections for over 30 years. He has collected documentation by working on the Freedom of Information Act requests to the departments of energy and defense. 

The nuclear facility-UFO connection started at the start of the atomic age.

Sightings near nuclear areas go back decades, according to UFO researcher Robert Hastings. He also authored a book called “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.” He said that he has interviewed over 160 veterans who have seen bizarre things in the skies around nuclear sites.

Hastings said that these objects were being tracked by radar, and were demonstrating speeds no object here on Earth can perform. Primary eyewitnesses involve jet pilots and military personnel. The witnesses are often authorities with top security clearances.  Their reports are being verified by sophisticated technology.

Back in 1948, green fireballs were seen in the skies near Sandia and Los Alamos, New Mexico. This was where the atomic bomb was first tested and developed. 

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